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We have attractive agents working in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada with a wide range of services to fit your needs.

Online Honey Trapping

We can test your partner to see how they react to the advances of one of our agents on social media and report to everything they say back to you. Proving they would cheat given the chance.

In Person Honey Trapping

The old fashion honey trap where we will engineer a meeting between your partner and one of our agents in a public place or hotel to confirm they would cheat.

Deep internet search for hidden accounts

Our deep internet search service will help you uncover any hidden social media, dating site or email accounts your partner might be hiding from you.

Surveillance and tracking services

Sensitive & discreet Surveillance that establishes the true circumstances of a matter which you only suspect.


We are the number one LGBTI honey trap specialists if you suspect your partner is a cheat we have a wide range of services that can get you the truth you need or give you the peace of mind you deserve.
Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.

Lots of people cheat in their relationships. Gay, straight, men, women — statistics show that it happens a lot more than we might imagine, and consistently across the board.

And if we’re going to get real about it, monogamy isn’t for everyone, but for those of us who have chosen to make a commitment to just one person and them to us, we believe it is not right to be lied too and our mental and physical well-being put at risk.

So if you believe your partner is being unfaithful and need to find out the truth so you can peace of mind we can help with hundreds of past cases we know how to catch a cheat.

  • Our honey trap agents

    Our honey trap agents are from all types of back grounds and 100% fully trained specialists.

  • Our success rate

    99% of our clients are happy with the end result of the case whether proving a cheat or giving them peace of mind.

  • Sad statistics

    Sadly 80% of people we target show on some leave of being unfaithful.


Our team are all friendly understanding people here to listen to your needs and help you get the information you need.
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Keith Tomlinson

Keith is the founder of and also our sister site He is also a LGBTI activist once climbing Russia’s highest mountain and planting a rainbow flag at the top and is also the master at spotting cheats.
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Danny B

Operations Manager
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The agents

We remain anonymous!
Our agents are Hunks, Jocks, Bears, Cubs, Chubs and Twinks but all professional getting you the truth you need.


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